Barnstable Harbor Opens for the Season

After an extraordinary winter, Barnstable Harbor Marina is back up and running.  The bulkhead work by GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. and Northern Constructions Services, LLC was completed ahead of schedule.   The piling work by Coastal Marine Construction, Inc. was done rapidly and efficiently, and completed within a week.  The saying “It takes a village” is truly the case here.  Thank you to the team who worked so hard to get this accomplished and for guiding these projects to completion: Finance Director Mark Milne; Purchasing Agent Johanna Boucher; DPW Director Dan Santos and his staff; Director of Community Services Lynne Poyant; Town Architect John Juros; Marine & Environmental Affairs Director/Harbormaster Dan Horn; Marina Manager/Assistant Harbormaster Eric Shufelt; Dockmaster Thom Lincoln; Mooring Officer/Assistant Harbormaster Derek Lawson; Assistant Harbormaster Jared Smoller; and Marina Maintenance/Laborer Brian Taylor.  We would also like to thank the Town Council for their support.  We would like to recognize and thank Jack Hill of Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises for making space in the harbor for the equipment and the Barnstable, Hyannis and COMM Fire Departments for their assistance. 


Old Jail Lane Conservation Clean-Up

AmeriCorps Cape Cod and the Town of Barnstable Land Acquisition and Preservation Committee are hosting a clean-up event this weekend at the Old Jail Lane Conservation Area in Barnstable village.  Come together with your community to improve hiking trails, restore plant and animal habitat, and beautify Barnstable for spring! A light breakfast will be provided. Meet at 9:00 AM at the Old Jail Lane Conservation Area parking lot. Bring any hand tools that you might have available and dress for dirt! All are welcome.



Hy-Arts Shanties: Opening Today

The Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanties at Hyannis Harbor/Bismore Park are now open for the season. The shanties, which officially opened at 11:00 this morning, provide visitors to Hyannis Harbor the opportunity to find something handmade or hand crafted by local artists. The program features Cape Cod artists and artisans, who frequently work on their craft right at the “seaside studio”. Over 75 artists will participate in this year’s program. We look forward to artist demonstrations, musical performances, and a wide array of arts and crafts. Shanties are open Fridays through Sundays in May and June, including Monday, Memorial Day.  Shanties will be open seven days a week as of June 22nd.  Learn more at


Last week’s trivia question: : At around 11:30pm Thursday night while I was driving home from Thursday’s Town Council meeting, I noticed more than a dozen fishing boats just off of Hyannisport and Craigville Beach. What kind of catch do you think they were after?  We had a flood of answers to last week’s e-news question – almost as many as there are squid in the water, which is what the fishermen were indeed after! Thank you all of you for your quick and correct responses!


This week’s trivia question:  Spring is in full swing: leaves are sprouting from trees, and blossoms are everywhere – soon our hydrangeas will be coming out and showing their summer colors.  We want to know: What PH level makes the blue hydrangea petals turn pink? Email your answer here.