Channel 18’s Paula Hersey, Assistant Station Manager/Barnstable Today Host,
took this beautiful picture from the Centerville River bridge overlooking Long Beach.


Town Council Meeting – February 28th
Town Council President James Crocker opened last night’s Town Council Meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence.  President Crocker announced that Agenda Item 2019-088 Authorizing the Town Manager to execute a Regulatory Agreement between the Town of Barnstable and 720 Main Residences, LLC, for property located at 720 Main Street, Hyannis, MA to redevelop 720 Main Street, Hyannis with 40 units of Workforce Housing had been moved to the May 16, 2019 Town Council meeting at the request of the applicant.  Next was Public Comment.  Town Manager Mark Ells provided updates on the following items for the period of February 8-28, 2019 during Town Manager Communications:

1.       The Barnstable Youth Commission is preparing for their 3rd Annual Job Fair on March 6th and their 5th Annual Youth Summit on March 15th.

2.       We are proceeding with the tasks in the budget action calendar for FY 2020 as scheduled.  Our annual finance audit reports have come back with a clean opinion.  The Capital Improvements Plan will receive a first reading at the March 7th Town Council Meeting.

  1. We are awaiting word from Mass Fish & Wildlife as to future discussions regarding the future potential to siting water supply wells on the 250-acre parcel owned by the Commonwealth that directly abuts the Hyannis public water supply.  The Town desires to continue working with Mass Fish & Wildlife to finalize an agreement that would enable the Town to install public water supply wells on the 250-acre Hyannis Ponds Wildlife Management Area (WMA).  Mass Fish & Wildlife responded on February 7, 2019 as a result of the government shutdown USGS was delayed in proceeding with the review of the most recent information from Barnstable.  Once a response to the most recently proposed scenarios is received from USGS, Mass Fish & Wildlife anticipates moving forward with their review. 

4.       The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Town of Barnstable and the Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation, Inc., announced today the receipt of a $1 million grant to create Expedition: Blue! - a major step toward the regional branding of the Blue Economy.   More information is available in this newsletter.

5.       Mr. Ells continues to monitor the implementation of the Cape Cod and Islands Water Protection Funds.  The Town of Barnstable has to have their selection of a Management Board representative by April 1st.   Discussions continue on the duties on the Management Board, specifically does the Board simply review funds deposited from each municipality against equitable redistribution of said funds to the communities from which the funds were generated or does the Board have greater discretionary authority to redistribute said funding. 

  1. Mark Milne, Director of Finance will provide the Town Council with an update on Chapter 337 of the Acts of 2018 an Act Regulating and Insuring Short-term Rentals specifically related to the proposed model bylaw being offered to communities for consideration.

7.       Mr. Ells provided an update on the Town of Barnstable’s Comprehensive Water Management Plan.

The Orders of the Day began with Old Business and Agenda Item 2019-042 Amending Chapter 240, Article III, of the Zoning Ordinances to expand the Highway Business District.  By vote there the item was divided  into three separate items: 2019-042A (Amending the Townwide, Osterville, & Centerville Zoning Maps), 2019-042B (Amending the Townwide, Centerville, & Hyannis Zoning Maps), and 2019-042C (Amending Townwide & Hyannis Zoning Maps).  After extensive debate and discussion none of the items passed failing to reach the nine votes each item needed to adopt a zoning amendment.  Airport Manager Katie Servis presented Agenda Item 2019-087 Supplemental Appropriation and Transfer Order in the amount of $765,000 for the Fiscal Year 2019 Airport Enterprise Fund Operating Budget which passed.  Planning and Development’s Principal Planner Paul Wackrow presented Agenda Item 2019-092 Amendment of the Zoning Map of the Town of Barnstable Massachusetts to AMEND and expand the Residence C District to include the entirety of parcel 116/014 was approved.  New Business began with Agenda Item 2019-151 Appropriation and Transfer Order in the amount of $80,000 for burial equipment for the Department of Public Works cemetery program being referred to a Public Hearing on March 21, 2019.  Finance Director Mark Milne presented Agenda Item 2019-152 Order Supplementing Prior Loan Orders of the Town to allow for the application of premium received to project costs which was approved.  Agenda Items 2019-153 Supplemental Appropriation and Transfer Order in the amount of $200,000 for the Fiscal Year 2019 Airport

Enterprise Fund Capital Budget and 2019-154. Supplemental Appropriation and Transfer Order in the amount of $44,617 for the purpose of funding Fiscal Year 2019 public safety operational and maintenance improvements at Bismore Park were both referred to Public Hearings on March 21, 2019.  The next Town Council meeting will be held on Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall Hearing Room, 367 Main Street, Hyannis.


Fiscal 2020 Budget Process:  Capital Improvements Plan

The FY 2020 Capital budget and FY 2020 to FY 2024 Capital Improvements Plan was submitted to the Town Council on Monday, February 25th.  The proposed budget for FY 2020 includes 57 projects totaling $34,402,000 million.  The General Fund totals $17,320,000, the Comprehensive Water Management and Private Way Fund totals $3,647,000 and the Enterprise Funds total $13,435,000.  Funding for the General Fund portion of the program consists of $3,925,000 in Capital Trust Fund (CTF) reserves, $12,303,000 in new borrowing authorizations, $264,000 from General Fund savings and $828,000 from transfers from closed appropriations. The plan is available on the Town’s website. Public hearings will begin on March 21st.


$1 Million Grant Received for Blue Economy Branding

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Town of Barnstable and the Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation, Inc., announced today the receipt of a $1 million grant to create Expedition: Blue! - a major step toward the regional branding of the Blue Economy.   Funded by Governor Baker’s Seaport Economic Council, Expedition: Blue! will create a network of interconnected permanent installations at sites that tell the story of the Cape region’s connection to the sea, our place in world ocean research and discovery, our fishing and aquaculture heritage, and our strong inventory of blue economy institutions and industries, among other topics. “Capitalizing on the millions of guests we receive annually, we will tell the story of our region’s maritime heritage but more importantly, link that story to existing and future activities that explain our Blue Economy”, said Wendy Northcross, Cape Cod Chamber CEO.  “This ‘Expedition’ will also show how interconnected we are as a region and how important water and coastal resources are to our well-being.”  The Town of Barnstable’s support for the project was critical to a successful grant application, and will act as fiscal agent.  “Recognizing the growing acceptance of a Blue Economy for regional prosperity, the Town of Barnstable is proud to collaborate on such an important project,” said Mark Ells, Barnstable Town Manager.  “The story to be told is one of resilience, sustainability and we hope to inspire the next generation of scientists, aquaculturists, engineers, technicians and creative entrepreneurs to participate in our growing blue economy.”  “More than a collection of roadside plaques or kiosks, this project proposes storytelling through an ‘expedition’ that will encourage discovery and participation in a larger narrative of the Blue Economy, with a more deliberate way of seeing the region’s timeless ties to water resources, as well as their importance in a modern economy,” said the Chamber’s Blue Economy Project Manager Leslie-Ann McGee. The Chamber has been working with Cambridge Seven to develop initial design plans, tapping their experience in creating the Gloucester Harbor Walk, a model for Expedition: Blue! The Chamber expects to work with the 24 towns in the Blue Economy region and private organizations on site selection, which is expected to begin this spring.  Full project completion is targeted for late 2020.  The Cape Cod Blue Economy Project is an initiative of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and its subsidiary, the Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation. The project aims to diversify the region’s economy and employment, while working to sustain our environmental and coastal resources. View the Blue Economy Project video:


Town of Barnstable’s Robert Delgado Honored with Massachusetts Operator Award at NEWEA 2019 Annual Conference & Exhibit

During the Awards Ceremony and Luncheon, the final event that took place during New England Water Environment Association’s (NEWEA) 89th Annual Conference & Exhibit, Robert Delgado, Chief Operator/Deputy Division Supervisor of the Town of Barnstable’s Water Pollution Control Division, was honored with the Massachusetts Operator Award.  NEWEA’s Annual Conference, which takes place each year during the last week in January at the Boston Marriott Copley Place in Boston, MA, gathers over 2,000 water professionals for several days of technical sessions, exhibitor displays, student and professional poster presentations, and a Young Professionals Summit, among other events. The conference culminates with the Awards Ceremony and Luncheon. During the ceremony, NEWEA’s leadership presents recipients with NEWEA, Water Environment Federation Member Association, and EPA Region One awards.   Robert Delgado received the Massachusetts Operator Award, which honors an individual who has shown a high interest and performance in wastewater operations.  This award recognizes Robert’s years of hard work and dedication to the wastewater field.  “We’re pleased to have awarded Rob Delgado with Massachusetts Operator Award,” said NEWEA Executive Director Mary Barry. “Professionals in the water industry work tirelessly, often without recognition, to protect, preserve, and manage New England’s water environment and access to clean water. Additionally, as a volunteer association, so much of what NEWEA does relies on the involvement of our members and volunteers.  This award gives us the opportunity to recognize all that Rob has contributed to NEWEA and the New England water industry.”  Andrew Boulé, Division Supervisor for the Town of Barnstable Department of Public Works’ Water Pollution Control Division, said “Rob Delgado joined the Town of Barnstable in December of 2017 as the Chief Operator/Deputy Division Supervisor of the Water Pollution Control Division.  He worked previously as the Assistant Chief Operator of the Town of Amherst Water Pollution Control Facility.  His background in microbiology has proven valuable in maintaining a consistent wastewater treatment process at the Barnstable Water Pollution Control Facility. However, the most notable of Rob’s initiatives has been his emphasis on workplace safety.  In his time with Barnstable, Rob has shown a strong commitment to public health, clean water, innovation, and the safety of his co-workers. This award is well deserved!”  Congratulations, Rob! 

NEWEA President Janine Burke-Wells presents Robert Delgado
with the Massachusetts Operator Award.


Channel 18 Celebrates Black History Month with Barnstable Public Schools

Barnstable’s Channel 18 produced a special edition of Barnstable Today celebrating Black History month with Barnstable Public Schools. Black History month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history. The event grew out of “Negro History Week,” the brainchild of noted historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans. Since 1976, every U.S. President has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. Click here to watch this special episode of Barnstable Today.

Regional Transportation Plan Survey, Mapping Tool Available
To help prepare the 2020 Cape Cod Regional Transportation Plan, the Cape Cod Commission launched an online survey to collect public input. Input is sought on the plan’s goals and potential projects. In addition to the survey, an online-mapping tool is available for respondents to indicate specific problem locations and potential solutions. The survey will be available through early March. To learn more about the Regional Transportation Plan and to take the survey, please  Anyone interested in the current Cape Cod Canal planning efforts may also want to check out the latest developments at: for survey responses is March 6, 2019.

Barnstable Youth Commission’s 3rd Annual Ready, Set, Work Job Fair March 6th

The Barnstable Youth Commission presents the 3rd Annual Youth Job Fair for ages 14-18 taking place on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM.  All are welcome to attend and admission is free!  The goal is to create an annual resource for young teens throughout the region to access good job coaching and advice about entering the workforce; and for businesses that support the Hyannis Youth & Community Center’s efforts and programs with this event to facilitate and encourage eager and qualified candidates to fill year-round and summer positions.  Locally-based businesses who are hiring youths between the ages of 14-18 will be on hand with applications, ready to interview and hire the right applicants on the spot!  Professional job coaching from The Executive Suites staffing firm will be available in the United Cultures Room just off the lobby during the event to answer questions about labor laws, and offer guidance to students in being successful with their first job.  There are a few remaining spaces for employers and participation is free.  Call Amy Harwood at 508-862-4638 or for more information.  The event is being held earlier this year, due to the strong recommendations of past employer participants who want to staff up for the busy summer season.  It is also timed well for student athletes who are wrapping up their winter seasons and wanting to secure summer jobs.  Students at all of the public and private high schools in the region will be invited, so stores with multiple locations can benefit from participating in this event.  The Barnstable Youth Commission is a group of students representing Barnstable High School, Sturgis Charter High School and Pope John Paul II High School whose members are appointed by the Town Council and advised by members of the community.  The Youth Commission is administered through the Youth Services Division of the Community Services Department.  Their goal is to work with town officials, appointed and elected, towards furthering the goals of the Youth and making the Town a better place for the Youth of today and tomorrow.  Accomplishments include producing the annual 7th Grade Youth Summit, Community Substance Abuse Prevention Forums, introducing the One Love Foundation program to address relationship safety to the Barnstable High School community and the group is currently engaging with state agencies to conduct a youth survey and create a suicide prevention program tailored to the needs of Cape Cod’s unique circumstances.  More information is here


Public Hearing on Mooring Regulations Scheduled for Thursday, March 7th 10:00 AM

A public hearing on proposed changes to the Town of Barnstable Mooring Regulations will be held on March 7, 2019, at 10:00 AM in the Selectmen's Conference Room, 2nd Floor, 367 Main Street, Hyannis, MA 02601.  A full text of the proposed changes is available on the Town’s website or during regular business hours in the Office of the Town Manager, 367 Main Street, Hyannis, MA.  Any interested party is invited to comment and attend this hearing.

Barnstable Town Hall Hosts Cape Housing Advocacy Training on March 14th


Healthy Aging Community Survey

We want to hear from you!  Barnstable County’s Healthy Aging-Cape Cod project, in conjunction with the Barnstable Senior Services Division, is conducting a survey to understand the ways in which planning for the older adult population can be best integrated with ensuring that Cape Cod is a supportive place for all ages to live and work.   Please take 15 minutes to complete this important survey, either online at:; or through a paper survey available at the Barnstable Senior Center.  For more information, contact:  or phone (508) 375-6629.  Deadline for survey responses is Friday, March 15, 2019.


Fiscal Year Fee Approvals Expected March 19th  

A public hearing on changes to various, permits and program fees that will take effect July 1, 2019 for FY2020 within the Town of Barnstable was held on February 12, 2019 at 10:00 AM in the Town Hall Hearing Room, 2nd Floor, 367 Main Street, Hyannis, MA.  The hearing was televised on Channel 18 and is available through the Town’s Video on Demand feature.  Those who were unable to attend are encouraged to submit their comment during the 30-day period following the hearing.  Approval of proposed FY 2020 fee changes is planned to occur on March 19, 2019.  Information is available on the Town website or in the Town Manager’s Office, located at the Town Hall, 2nd Floor, 367 Main Street, Hyannis, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.


2019 Hazardous Waste Collection Dates Announced

More information can be found here on the Town of Barnstable’s website.


Barnstable Public Health Division Flu Shots – Call Anytime for Appointment
The Town of Barnstable Public Health Division Nurse is available for flu shots.  The fee is $3.00. Call anytime for an appointment (508) 862-4648 or (508) 862-4644. Location:  Town Offices, 200 Main Street , Hyannis, MA. Consent forms will be available at the site.  For More Information: Call the Town of Barnstable Public Health Division at (508) 862-4644.


Barnstable Public Schools Kindergarten Registration Is Open!

To enroll your child in kindergarten for September 2019 please visit our district website to begin the online registration process!  PRE-REGISTER AT

Requirements for Enrollment:

·        Students must be 5 years of age on or before September 1, 2019.

·        You must be a full-time resident of Barnstable.

·        If you are in the process of moving to Barnstable, you may begin the pre-registration process. Registration will be completed once you are residing in Barnstable and provide the required documentation.

·        After you complete the online process use the online scheduler to make an appointment with the school your child will be attending.

·        At your appointment, please bring all required documents and a valid photo ID.  Registration appointments completed by May 1st will be entered into a drawing to win a book gift basket for your kindergartener.

·        If your child currently attends Enoch Cobb Early Learning Center, they are already registered for Kindergarten. 

Prescreening Dates:

 (After you register your child he/she will be screened at their school on the following date):

Barnstable West Barnstable: May 10, 2019

West Villages: May 17, 2019

HyWest: May 20, 2019

Centerville: May 22, 2019

Barnstable Innovation School: May 28, 2019


Town of Barnstable Bismore Welcome Center Brochure Program

Registrations are now being accepted for profit and non-profit cultural organizations, businesses and attractions to participate in the 2019 Bismore Park Welcome Center Brochure Program. Located at Hyannis Harbor and open 7 days/week from the last week of April to the first weekend of December, the Town of Barnstable Welcome Center is staffed by skillfully trained, customer oriented Gateway Greeters readily available to assist connecting guests to local services and experiences – creating customized, exemplary and enduring impressions to over 50,000 visitors each year. For more information about this opportunity please visit on-line or contact Liz Hartsgrove, Planning and Development Gateway Greeter Program, at 508- 862- 4068.


Update on Chapter 337 An Act Regulating and Insuring Short-Term Rentals

At the January 17th Town Council meeting, Town Manager Ells introduced Ryan Castle, CEO, Cape and Islands Association of Realtors (Property Owners’ Obligations); Mark Milne, Director of Finance (Summary of Key Points of Act Affecting Municipalities and Municipal Actions); and Elizabeth Jenkins, Director of Planning and Development: (Local Regulatory Considerations) to present information as it relates to Chapter 337 of the Acts of 2018-An Act Regulating and Insuring Short-Term Rentals which can be viewed here.   There have been many questions as it relates to this Act and its ramifications.  There are a lot of unknowns at this point in time.  Finance Director Mark Milne has prepared Cape Cod & Islands Water Protection Fund Frequently Asked Questions.  Health Director Tom McKean has also shared Short-term Rental Frequently Asked Questions.

Update on Wastewater Management Efforts in Barnstable
At the January 3rd Town Council meeting, DPW Director Dan Santos presented an Update on Wastewater Management Efforts in Barnstable.  Mr. Santos was joined by Assistant DPW Director Rob Steen, Interim Town Engineer Amanda Ruggiero, and Interim Assistant Town Engineer Griffin Beaudoin who have been working on the planning internally.  We thought we would share this important information again in this week’s eNews.  Mr. Santos’ presentation can be viewed here.

EPA Announces First-Ever Comprehensive Nation Wide PFAS Action Plan

On Thursday, February 14, 2019, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) Assistant Administrator – and former EPA New England Regional Administrator – Alexandra Dunn unveiled the Agency's Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Action Plan.

EPA's Action Plan will move forward with the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) process outlined in the Safe Drinking Water Act for PFOA and PFOS—two of the most well-known and prevalent PFAS chemicals, continue their enforcement actions and clarify their clean up strategies, expand monitoring of PFAS in the environment, and enhance their research and scientific foundation for addressing PFAS by developing new analytical methods and tools.


As always please slow down and use extreme caution when traveling through the road construction areas and follow posted safety signs.

*NEW* Vineyard Wind Upland Route Survey

Feldman Surveyors will be starting some of the route mobilization. Initial work will include marking control points along the route for the ground survey and mobile LIDAR work.  Route includes Craigville Beach Road, Strawberry Hill Road, Route 28, Wequaquet Lane, Phinney’s Lane, Route 132, Attucks Lane to Independence Drive.

*UPDATED* Road Work on Sea Street, Ocean Avenue, and South Street in Hyannis
Construction activities from February 15-22 are scheduled to include installation of drainage systems in the intersection of Sea Street & South Street, and in the Town property at 109 Sea Street, and in the embankment between Sea Street and the parking lot at Keyes Memorial Beach, and in various locations along Sea Street and Ocean Avenue where catch basins will connect to previously installed trunk lines; installing underground electrical conduit at various road crossings; pavement patching and cleanup; continued preparation of the base for the shared use path (wide sidewalk) along the east side of Sea Street; survey staking/marking for construction; and associated work. The roadway will be cleared and swept in advance of the Hyannis Marathon and other events scheduled on these streets during the weekend of Feb. 23-24. During active construction in the roadway there will be lane closures with police details to direct traffic. Traffic may be delayed during lane closures and shoulder work, and motorists are advised to seek alternate routes to avoid the construction area.
*UPDATED* Road Work on Route 149, Main Street, and River Road in Marstons Mills

Construction activities from March 1-8 are scheduled to include installation of drainage systems in Route 149, generally progressing north to south from near the post office drive toward Route 28; clearing, grading, and installing structural supports for the boardwalk along Mill Pond; clearing and preparing for a new sidewalk along the west side of Route 149, generally progressing south to north from Mill Pond toward Lovell’s Lane; pavement patching; survey staking/marking for construction; installing construction signage; and other associated work. During active construction in the roadway there will be lane closures with police details to direct traffic. Traffic may be delayed during lane closures and shoulder work, and motorists are advised to seek alternate routes to avoid the construction area.

*CONTINUES* Overhead Utility Line Relocations along Route 149 and Main Street in Marstons Mills 

Verizon has installed new utility poles in some locations along Route 149 between Route 28 and Lovell’s Lane, as well as on Main Street between Route 149 and the former elementary school. Eversource and Verizon will be relocating their overhead lines to the new poles, and when that is completed they will remove the old poles. This work is in conjunction with the Town project to improve these sections of roadway. The overhead utility relocations are not expected to interfere with traffic, although temporary lane closures with police details might be necessary in some locations.
*CONTINUES*Route 28 (Falmouth Road) at Bearse’s Way
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) will continue their roadway improvements for the “Route 28 Intersection Improvements at Bearse’s Way.” The project includes traffic signal and pedestrian improvements, constructing retaining walls and medians, and road widening.  Traffic during construction operations will be delayed and motorists are advised to seek alternate routes to avoid the construction work.  Specific traffic detours will be communicated as the work progresses and as updated information becomes available. The work hours will be 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
*CONTINUES*Sewer Manhole Inspections-Barnstable Road & South Street, Hyannis

As part of the Water Pollution Control Division’s on-going sewer evaluation studies, the Town’s consultant will be conducting manhole inspections on Barnstable Road and South Street.  Weather pending, this work will be performed from 8 AM to 4 PM each day during the week of February 25th.  Police details will direct motorists around the inspection crews.  Motorists can expect altered traffic patterns and minor delays during the inspection period.

*UPDATED* SNEP Grant Stormwater, Prince Avenue (next to Prince Cove Marina) in Marstons Mills 
The sand filter is completed and will be planted in the spring. The area is open to traffic.

*UPDATED*Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grant Project Section
Work continues at new sites for future green stormwater control infrastructure placement. Field work can include but is not limited to site visits, survey, soil borings, pulling manhole covers and wetland delineation. This work will continue through 2019.

*UPDATED*Ropes Beach, Old Shore Road and Putnam Avenue, Cotuit

Work to repair/retrofit the existing stormwater wetland pockets along the Old Shore Road shoulder. Manhole covers will be opened as pipes and valves are repaired. PLEASE NOTE:  Drivers who are traveling through the affected areas should expect delays, reduce speed, and use caution. 
*UPDATED*SNEP Grant Stormwater - Cordwood Landing, Cotuit
Remaining work includes the plantings to be completed in the spring.  Area is open to vehicles. This is a “No Plow” area.
*CONTINUES* National Grid Upgrading Natural Gas Mains-Centerville
21-369 South Main Street, Centerville.   The work will include marking underground utilities, excavating utility trenches, installing new gas mains, backfilling the trenches and repaving.  As part of this project, National Grid will also replace the natural gas service piping that connects the main to the customer’s gas meters. Construction is expected to occur within the dates listed above, weather permitting. National Grid has committed to complete this project promptly and with minimal disruption to the community. Visit to view a YouTube video on this gas main replacement process. A second video explaining the replacement of the service pipe to customer homes is available at line. National Grid will distribute written notifications to all affected constituents. Operations will start promptly at 7:00 AM and run until 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.  Reduce speed, and use caution. All scheduled work is weather dependent and/or may be impacted due to an emergency situation.

Are You on the Town’s Reverse 911 System?
The Barnstable Police Department has an emergency notification system. This system was used during the recent winter storms.  Make sure you are on our list. Sign up here today. What is CodeRED and why is it important to me? CodeRED is an emergency notification service by which town officials can notify Barnstable residents and businesses by telephone, cellular phone, text message, or electronic mail about time‐sensitive emergency situations or important community alerts. The system is capable of sending messages only to specific neighborhoods or the entire town.  Only authorized officials are allowed access to use the system.  Frequently asked questions can be reviewed here.  Be sure to take a moment to learn more about this important notification system.

Barnstable Residents – become involved in your town’s government, apply for a position on a board, committee or commission
The Town of Barnstable has over 40 boards, committees, and commissions with approximately 291 seats. Our citizen participation is exemplary and the Town Council appreciates each and every member who serves. If you are a resident of Barnstable and are interested, please consider submitting an application. The appointments committee consists of five Town Councilors who interview applicants and make recommendations to the Town Council.  All Councilors then vote to appoint members at the Town Council meetings.  If you are a resident and registered to vote in the Town of Barnstable and are interested in serving on a board or committee, please visit our web page linked from the Town website and fill out the application. For a more detailed description and responsibilities of the committees listed, please contact the Town Council office: or phone 508-862-4738.


Looking for a Job?  The Town of Barnstable is a Great Place to Work.
To see what positions are currently available, click here.   Apply online by clicking on the job title you are interested in and click the “Apply” link.  If this is the first time you are applying using the online job application, you need to create an account and select a username and password.  After your account has been established, you can build an application by clicking on the “Build Job Application” link.  This application can be saved and used to apply for more than one job opening. 


Are you interested in the Bids and Request for Proposals (RFPs) the Town of Barnstable puts out?
Find all the Invitations for Bid and RFPs for the Town that are currently available to the public here.


Last Week’s Question: This weekend’s Hyannis Marathon is a qualifying race for what well known road race?  A few folks thought the Hyannis Marathon is a qualifying race for the Falmouth Road Race.  The correct answer is the Boston Marathon.


This Week’s Question: Which Kennedy is the Hyannis Youth & Community Center’s Kennedy Rink named after? Please email your answer here.