Earlier in May, a 400-pound bronze statue of Nike of Samothrace was unveiled
at Barnstable High School’s Cobb Astro Park.  The classes of 1958 and 2018
(interestingly, the classes are separated by 60 years) gifted the statue together.  
BHS Science Teacher Michael Gyra has let us know that WCVB’s Chronicle will air a piece
celebrating a 15-year community “barn-raising” on Thursday, June 13th.

Photo courtesy of Steve Heaslip/Cape Cod Times


Traffic Alert – Tour De Barnstable

The Annual Tour De Barnstable Bike Ride will be going through all seven villages of the Town of Barnstable on Sunday, June 9, 2019.  The event begins and ends at Aselton Park in Hyannis. The event begins at 8:00 AM and is expected to end around 2:00 PM.

Town Council – June 6, 2019
Town Council President James Crocker opened last night’s Town Council Meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence in memory of Hyannis Fire Department Captain Thomas Kenney who lost his battle against occupational cancer.  Town Manager Mark Ells was invited to present this year’s Martin J. Flynn Scholarship Recipients: Kate Rose Cazeault (Coastal Carolina); Julia Fone (Wesleyan University); Drew Gauthier (UMass Amherst); Tatiana Jacobs (Fitchburg University); Samantha Pereira (Regis College); Colby Phillips (Bryant University); Brian Simoes (UMass Amherst); and Julia Wiseman (American University). Scholarship Recipients not in attendance are: Rachel Aalto (UMass Amherst; Adam Beal (Mass Maritime Academy); Bridget Conway (University of New Hampshire); and Jordan Corbett (University of New England).  President Crocker thanked Scholarship Committee members Janice Cliggott, Deb Hill, John Marsden and Joyce Persuitte for their efforts. 


Assistant Town Manager Andy Clyburn introduced the Presentation by Joint Base Cape Cod Brigadier General Chris Faux, JBCC Executive Director, began with recognition of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.  Brigadier General Faux was joined by LTC Matt Porter, ARNG Camp Edwards Base Operations Manager; Col Ginger Gaglio, ANG 102IW Commander; Mr. Stephen Mellin, USAF 6SWS Facility Manager;  CAPT Scott Langum, USCG ASCC Commanding Officer; and CAPT Michael Hudson, USCG BCC Commanding Officer reported on the activities taking place on Joint Base Cape Cod.



Town Manager Mark Ells provided updates on the following items for the period of May 17-June 6, 2019 during Town Manager Communications:

1.       We are proceeding with the tasks in the budget action calendar for FY 2020.  Tonight’s Town Council meeting will continue with the second reading of the appropriation orders for the Town of Barnstable FY 2020 Operating Budget.  For information on our fiscal year budgets please view the Town’s Open Budget website.

2.       On Monday June 3rd, Mr. Ells participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Greater Hyannis Civic Association regarding the Barnstable County Fire Training Academy.  Barnstable County officials did announce that outdoor fire training exercises would cease as of June 15, 2019.  Our focus continues to be on the cleanup of the BCFTA site.  Representative Keating’s office District Policy Advisor Andrew Nelson met with Assistant Town Manager Andy Clyburn and Mr. Ells to discuss how they might assist on this matter.  They have reached out to EPA and are coordinating a meeting with EPA, DEP, Barnstable County and Town of Barnstable in late June to discuss the next steps in cleaning up the BFTA.  We will keep you advised of our progress on this important effort.

3.       We coordinating with Fish & Wildlife regarding the future potential to site water supply wells on the 250 acre parcel owned by the Commonwealth that directly abuts the Hyannis public water supply.  The Town continues work with Mass Fish & Wildlife (F&W) to finalize an agreement that would enable the Town to install public water supply wells on the 250-acre Hyannis Ponds Wildlife Management Area (WMA).  We have submitted a final agreement authorizing the installation of test wells on the Fish & Wildlife parcel to F&W and F&W returned the agreement with comments and conditions that are under review by staff.  We plan to conduct testing on this and other parcels later this summer.  We will keep you advised of our progress on this important effort.

4.       As stated at the last Town Council meeting we have completed our New Source Alternatives Evaluation Report.  We view the management of our public drinking water resources in three broad categories: managing the existing sources, establishing interconnections with abutting public water supply systems, and securing future potential public water supplies.  We are proceeding with public discussion of this report and the accomplishment of associated tasks to identify and secure future potential public water supply locations within the Town of Barnstable.  Our DPW provided the Conservation Commission with an overview of the report, and a meeting is scheduled with the water purveyors in July to review this report and other relevant issues.  We will keep you advised of our progress on this important effort.

5.       On May 28, 2019, on behalf of the Town, Mr. Ells submitted a Letter of Intent in response to the Statement of Need issued for Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC) regarding the Town’s interest in water and wastewater facilities at JBCC.  The Letter of intent was received and taken under advisement.  We will keep you advised of our progress on this matter.

6.       The Cape Cod Commission is responsible for tracking implementation of the Cape Cod Area Wide Water Quality Management Plan Update (208 Plan Update) and reporting to US EPA on progress. The 2017 208 Plan Update Implementation Report included a recommendation that reports be developed to document action in each of the Cape’s community.  Working with US EPA and MassDEP, and with feedback from the Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative, the Commission established criteria to be included in these reports and has developed a draft for each community. Best efforts have been made by the Commission staff to capture water quality and wastewater related actions. However, they want to be sure that they have included all pertinent information and that the information is accurate.  Our staff is reviewing and providing feedback, additions, and/or edits by the end of the day on Friday, June 28th. Once feedback has been received, the Commission staff will incorporate any modifications and provide reports to MassDEP and US EPA

7.       The Town of Barnstable will continue the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness certification process with the Commonwealth by presenting and distributing a draft of the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness report to the public at an information and listening session scheduled for June 11, 2019 at 5 p.m. at Town Hall.  See more information below.

8.       Barnstable and Yarmouth are one of four Massachusetts municipal teams selected by LOCUS and Smart Growth America, affiliate organizations advocating for healthy, prosperous, and resilient communities, to participate in the “Massachusetts Opportunity Zone Academy”.  The Academy aims to ensure that Massachusetts communities are prepared to make the most of the federal Opportunity Zones tax incentive.  The Hyannis commercial and downtown areas are a designated Opportunity Zone.   Participation in the Academy consists of technical assistance to equip our community with the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to promote sustainable growth and development.  Our staff will meet with national and regional leaders and host LOCUS experts to identify key community priorities and action items to achieve smart growth development, public and private investment, and equity goals.  Planning & Development Director Elizabeth Jenkins provided more information about the program.

9.       On June 5, 2019 Mr. Ells received a letter from Oceanside Performing Arts Center (OPAC) requesting access to staff and information regarding the Armory site as a potential future location for a performing arts center.  Mr. Ells plans to provide information as requested but will advise that any future use of said parcel is subject to public procurement laws and that the Town of Barnstable shall follow said laws in determining the ultimate use of the Armory site.  It is Mr. Ells’ understanding that OPAC is evaluating three sites of which the Armory is one.    We will keep you advised as this effort progresses.

 The Orders of the Day began and President Crocker took Agenda Item 2019-194 Acceptance of Fiscal Year 2019 Survey and Planning Grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the amount of $10,000 to complete the new Massachusetts Historical Commission inventory for historic properties out of order.  Planning & Development Director Elizabeth Jenkins provided the rationale and the item was approved.  Agenda Item 2019-199 Resolution approving amendments to Eversource existing right of way easements by increasing the width of easements on Parcels shown on Assessors Map 36-001 more specifically shown as Parcels 71 and 72 on the Plan of Land entitled “Parcels 71 & 72 Width Issue” attached hereto and by amending the easement language for Parcels 92, 94, and 113 as shown on two plans of land entitled “Parcels 92 And 94” and “Parcel 113 was presented by Assistant Town Attorney Charles McLaughlin.  The item passed.  School Facility Director David Kanyock presented Agenda Item 2019-201 Approval of an Order to Grant Electric Services Easement for the Barnstable High School Fields which was approved.  Airport Manager Katie Servis presented Agenda Item 2019-161 Appropriation Order in the amount of $8,041,243 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Airport Enterprise Fund budget which was approved.   President Crocker took three agenda items out of order.  DPW Director Dan Santos provided the rationale for Agenda Items 2019-196 Appropriation and Loan Order in the amount of $62,900 pursuant to Temporary Repair to Private Roads Program regarding Samoset Road in the village of Marstons Mills, Barnstable, MA and 2019-197 Appropriation and Loan Order for $748,000.00 Pursuant to Temporary Repairs to certain Private Ways Program regarding Gleneagle Drive, Centerville, MA which both passed.  Community Preservation Committee Chair Lindsey Counsell provided the rationale for Agenda Item 2019-198 Appropriation Order in the amount of $38,840.00 Community Preservation Funds for the Barnstable Centerville Historical Museum roof replacement and adjoining Tin Shop located at 513 Main Street, Centerville, MA which was approved. Superintendent Meg Mayo-Brown, Assistant Finance Director Gareth Markwell, Assistant Superintendent Kristen Harmon and School Committee Chair Chris Joyce presented Agenda Item 2019-162 Appropriation Order in the amount of $69,599,861 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Barnstable Public Schools budget which was approved.  Barnstable Police Chief Matthew Sonnabend presented Agenda Item 2019-163 Appropriation Order in the amount of $15,342,667 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Barnstable Police Department budget which passed.  Chief Sonnabend also presented Agenda Item 2019-206 Transfer Order of $72,000.00 for Extra Police Patrols in the Main/South/North St. areas for the Remainder of Fiscal Year 2019 which was approved. Marine & Environmental Affairs Director Dan Horn presented three items (2019-169 ............................ Appropriation Order in the amount of $1,238,947 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Marine & Environmental Affairs Department General Fund budget; 2019-170 Appropriation Order in the amount of $832,780 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Marina Enterprise Fund budget; and 2019-171..... Appropriation Order in the amount of $1,147,959 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Sandy Neck Park Enterprise Fund budget) which were all approved.   Licensing Director Richard Scali presented Agenda Item2019-172 Appropriation Order in the amount of $165,398 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Licensing Department budget which was approved. DPW Director Dan Santos presented four budget items (2019-174 Appropriation Order in the amount of $10,189,353 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Department of Public Works General Fund budget; 2019-175 Appropriation Order in the amount of $3,419,883 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Department of Public Works Solid Waste Enterprise Fund budget; 2019-176 Appropriation Order in the amount of $4,816,380 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Department of Public Works Water Pollution Control Enterprise Fund budget; and 2019-177 Appropriation Order in the amount of $6,955,015 for the purpose of funding the Town's Fiscal Year 2020 Department of Public Works Water Supply Enterprise Fund budget) which were all approved.  Mr. Santos also presented 2019-204 Transfer Order of $75,000.00 from the Fiscal Year 2019 Solid Waste Enterprise Fund Personnel Budget to the Fiscal Year 2019 Solid Waste Enterprise Fund Operating Expense Budget and 2019-205 Transfer Order in the amount of $239,700.00 from the Fiscal Year 2019 Public Works Department Salary Budget to the Fiscal Year 2019 Public Works Department Operating Expense and Operating Capital Budgets which were approved.  Building Commissioner Brian Florence presented Agenda Item 2019-207 Transfer Order in the amount of $28,800.00 for upgrading the Town’s ViewPermit Permitting Software which was approved.  Finance Director Mark Milne presented 2019-186 Appropriation Order for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2019, the following sums of the annual revenues of the Community Preservation Fund be set aside for further appropriation and expenditure for the following purposes: $404,676 for open space and recreation; $404,676 for historic resources; $404,676 for community housing; $801,534 for a budget reserve, and that the sum of $200,000 be appropriated from the annual revenues of the Community Preservation Fund for the administrative expenses the Community Preservation Committee and 2019-187 Appropriation Order in the amount of $1,921,467 for the purpose of paying the Fiscal Year 2020 Community Preservation Fund debt service requirements which were approved. Finance Director Mark Milne presented 2019-203 Transfer order of $7,500 for the Fiscal Year 2019 Marine & Environmental Affairs Department Operating Expense Budget which was approved.  Through a Consent Agenda, the following items were moved to the June 20, 2019 Town Council Meeting: 2019-202 Appropriation and Transfer Order in the amount of $10,000.00 for the Fiscal Year 2019 Personnel Costs Budget of the Hyannis Youth & Community Center Enterprise Fund (Refer to Public Hearing 06/20/19); 2019-208 Amend Chapter 241 of the Administrative Code and Chapter 401 of the Administrative Procedures to Effectuate and Codify the Consolidation of the Town Treasurer and Town Collector Positions (Refer to Second reading 06/20/19); 2019-209 Creation of a Stabilization Fund for the Comprehensive Management of Water and Wastewater (Refer to Second Reading 06/20/19); 2019-210 Order to rescind Section 184-12 under Article II– Collection of Sewer Use Charges (Refer to Public Hearing 06/20/19); 2019-211 Appropriation and Loan Order of $1,100,000 for the Barnstable High School Sports Fields Upgrades (Refer to Public Hearing 06/20/19). The next Town Council meeting will be held on Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall Hearing Room, 367 Main Street, Hyannis.  2019-212 Appropriation and Loan Order in the amount of $1,000,000 for the Construction of Water Infrastructure (Refer to Public Hearing 06/20/19) and 2019-213 Appropriation and Loan Order in the amount of $8,500,000 for the Construction of Sewer Infrastructure (Refer to Public Hearing 06/20/19).


Public Listening Session for Draft Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Report


Public Listening Session

June 11, 2019 | 5:00 - 6:00 PM

Barnstable Town Hall | 367 Main Street, Hyannis

Second Floor Hearing Room

Review the Draft Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Report here.

The Town of Barnstable is participating in the Commonwealth’s Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program. This program provides support for towns in Massachusetts to plan for and implement projects that mitigate the impacts of climate change and natural hazards. Communities that complete the MVP program become certified as an "MVP community" and are eligible for State grant funding and other opportunities.  The Town of Barnstable will continue the MVP certification process by presenting and distributing a draft of the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness report to the public at a formal public information and listening session scheduled for June 11, 2019 at 5 PM at Town Hall.  This session will provide an opportunity for any member of the interested public to learn about the MVP process and provide feedback about the MVP workshop and recommended highest priority actions resulting from the workshop.  No registration is required.  The goal of the MVP planning process is to raise awareness about the dangers posed from natural hazards and identify priority actions to improve resilience to the significant natural hazards that the community faces.  On March 29, 2019, during a day-long workshop, community participants worked with local and regional leaders to:

·       Characterize the hazards facing the community

·       Identify community vulnerabilities and hazards

·       Identify and prioritize community actions

·       Determine overall priority actions for the community

Click here to view the Cape Cod Commission’s “Story Map” for the MVP effort.  The Story Map includes links to resources on climate resilience and a collection of data on local natural hazard impacts, including things like infrastructure, floodplains, and sea level rise projections.

Congratulations, Town of Barnstable HR Benefits Assistant Tara Way!

At the 2019 IPMA-HR Eastern Region Training Forum, the Town of Barnstable’s HR Benefits Assistant Tara Way received the Outstanding Chapter Member Award.  IPMA-HR is the leading public sector human resource organization in the world. Tara has been employed by the Town of Barnstable for 13 years.  Tara has been an active member of the Southeast Coast Massachusetts Chapter for the past four years and for the last three years has served on the Board as Secretary.  She attends almost every meeting and event and takes meticulous Chapter meeting minutes.  She assumed the role of maintaining the Chapter’s website with fervor, uploading minutes, program and event information, and keeping the chapter organized.  It has been wonderful to watch Tara grow as a Chapter member and as a Chapter Executive Board member.  For her self-less dedication to the Chapter, willingness to step up whenever needed, and commitment to professionalism, the Southeast Chapter was proud to nominate her for the award. 


Housing Assistance Corporation Big Fix-A-Thon Returns to Barnstable

Big Fix-A-Thon Deadline is Friday, June 14!

There are still a few openings for Housing Assistance Corporation’s annual Big Fix-a-Thon event. Applications are due Friday, June 14. Housing Assistance is encouraging Hyannis and Centerville senior, veteran and disabled homeowners to apply now.  The Big Fix-A-Thon is a fundraising day of service that mobilizes over 200 volunteers who will make small home repairs for income-eligible homeowners on Saturday, October 5.  “We’ve repeatedly seen the impact the Big Fix-a-Thon has on the lives of our neighbors,” said Housing Assistance Director of Development and Planning David Quinn. “It’s a great example of what it means to be a community and the difference people can make when they give back to others.” Over the course of a roughly three-hour period, Big Fix-a-Thon volunteers will conduct a variety of home repair projects. In the past, these projects have included yard clean-ups; repair or replacement of fences, walkways, and exterior stairs; interior and exterior painting; replacement of doors and windows; roofing and siding repairs; replacement of light fixtures; and light electrical and plumbing work. Residents interested in applying for these free home repairs can do so by clicking here for more information. 


2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins

Hurricane Season is a Reminder to Prepare

June 1st marked the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season which runs through November 30th. While the majority of tropical storms and hurricanes that have impacted New England occurred during the months of August and September, now is the time to begin preparing yourself, your family, your home, and your business.  Throughout hurricane season, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) will share preparedness information to help residents be aware of, and prepare for, the impacts of tropical storms and hurricanes.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) seasonal outlook predicts a near normal number of hurricanes this season. As the outlook is for overall seasonal activity and is not a landfall forecast, all residents are encouraged to be prepared during hurricane season. Whether it is a slow or active hurricane season, it only takes one storm to make landfall and severely impact an area.  Tropical Storm Irene, which produced devastating flooding in Central and Western Massachusetts in 2011, is a reminder that hurricanes and tropical storms can impact the entire Commonwealth, not just coastal regions, and that all Massachusetts residents need to prepare for the possibility of hurricane impacts. To learn more about the hazards associated with hurricanes and tropical storms, visit MEMA’s hurricane webpage: www.mass.gov/mema/hurricanes.  “The beginning of hurricane season is a great opportunity for all residents of the Commonwealth to prepare for the impacts of a tropical storm or hurricane,” said MEMA Director Samantha Phillips.  “MEMA encourages everyone to learn if they live in a hurricane evacuation zone, make an emergency plan, assemble an emergency kit, and stay informed.”

Know Your Evacuation Zone

Massachusetts has defined hurricane evacuation zones, designated as Zone A, Zone B and Zone C, for areas of the state at risk for storm surge flooding associated with tropical storms or hurricanes. If evacuations are necessary because of a tropical storm or hurricane, local or state officials will notify people living, working, or vacationing in evacuation zones to leave the area for their safety. Even areas not directly along a coastline may be at risk for storm surge flooding during a tropical storm or hurricane. Find out if you live, work, or vacation in a hurricane evacuation zone by visiting the ‘Know Your Zone’ interactive map located on MEMA’s website at www.mass.gov/knowyourzone.  

Make an Emergency Plan

Develop a plan with the members of your household to prepare for what to do, how to find each other, and how to communicate in a tropical storm or hurricane. An emergency plan should include:

•                  Meeting Locations

•                  Emergency Contact Information

•                  Evacuation Plans

•                  Shelter-in-Place Plans

•                  Considerations for Family Members with Access and Functional Needs, and Pets

For more information, see: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/make-a-family-emergency-plan.    

Build an Emergency Kit

Build an emergency kit containing items that will sustain you and your family in the event you are isolated for three to five days without power or unable to go to a store. Emergency kits are particularly important during hurricane season, due to potential extended power outages, flooding, and impassable debris-covered roads. While it is important to customize your kit to meet the unique needs of you and your family, every emergency kit should include bottled water, food, a flashlight, a radio and extra batteries, a first aid kit, sanitation items, and clothing. Depending on your family’s needs, emergency kits should also include medications, extra eyeglasses, medical equipment and supplies, children’s items such as diapers and formula, food and supplies for pets and service animals, and other items you or your family members might need during a disaster. For a complete emergency kit checklist, visit: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/build-an-emergency-kit.  

Stay Informed

Receiving advance warnings and timely emergency alerts and information from public officials is critical to staying safe during a tropical storm or hurricane. Every family should have multiple methods for receiving emergency alerts. Learn more about different types of alerting and information tools including the Emergency Alert System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, NOAA Weather Radio, Social Media & Traditional Media, 2-1-1 Hotline, Local Notification Systems: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/be-informed-and-receive-emergency-alerts

MEMA is the state agency charged with ensuring the state is prepared to withstand, respond to, and recover from all types of emergencies and disasters, including natural hazards, accidents, deliberate attacks, and technological and infrastructure failures. MEMA's staff of professional planners, communications specialists and operations and support personnel is committed to an all hazards approach to emergency management. By building and sustaining effective partnerships with federal, state and local government agencies, and with the private sector - individuals, families, non-profits and businesses - MEMA ensures the Commonwealth's ability to rapidly recover from large and small disasters by assessing and mitigating threats and hazards, enhancing preparedness, ensuring effective response, and strengthening our capacity to rebuild and recover. For additional information about MEMA and Emergency Preparedness, go to www.mass.gov/mema.   Continue to follow MEMA updates on Twitter at www.twitter.com/MassEMA; Facebook at www.facebook.com/MassachusettsEMA; YouTube at www.youtube.com/MassachusettsEMA.


Pumpout Boat in Service for the Boating Season

Through Columbus Day Weekend

The boating season is underway, and pumpout boats are running seven days a week.  The boats can be easily identified.  Both boats are white center console vessels with the lettering “HARBORMASTER” on both sides.  The Pumpout boats monitor VHF Channels 16 and 09 during operating hours.  It is helpful to schedule pumpouts in advance.  The shore side pumpout will be available in Hyannis Harbor May through October as well as Barnstable Harbor.  To schedule pumpouts email: pumpout@town.barnstable.ma.us or call 508-790-6273.


Notice on Cotuit Town Dock Trash Receptacles

As part of a Town of Barnstable initiative to address illegal and excessive trash disposal problems in environmentally sensitive areas, the Cotuit Town Dock will now be considered a pack-in/pack-out location, and will no longer have trash receptacles. Please take your trash with you when using this Town way to water.   We appreciate your help in keeping our waterways and the Town of Barnstable clean.


Friendly Reminder from Animal Control:
Pursuant to the Town Manager’s Dog Control Regulations, “no person owning or having the care, custody or control of any dog shall allow said dog on any Town Beach or Recreation area from May 15 to September 15 without the written authorization of the Town Manager or official in control of said Beach or Recreation area.”  Please note:  Dogs are not allowed in your car in the parking lot.  Any questions, please call 508-790-6274.


2019 Beach Parking Permits Walk-up Sales at HYCC

The Barnstable Recreation Division’s 2019 Beach Parking Permits walk-up sales are underway at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center, 141 Bassett Lane, Hyannis.  Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM and Sundays & Holidays 9:00 AM-Noon.  The Resident/Taxpayer Sticker is $45.  You must have a valid car registration.  Leased vehicles must have valid lease agreement.  Resident Parking Permits are required January 1st to December 31st.  More information is available on the Town website or by calling 508-790-6345.


There’s lots going on at the Village Libraries of Barnstable

Barnstable Libraries’ Corner

Visit a Town of Barnstable Library today!

Sturgis Library in Barnstable Village


Centerville Public Library



Cotuit Library



Hyannis Public Library


Marstons Mills Public Library

Osterville Village Library

Whelden Memorial Library in West Barnstable


 - Promotion of veteran telecommunicator Ross Lloyd to our lead supervisor for the unit. Supervisor Lloyd takes great pride in developing and supervising our new staff.

- Worked through a 6 week complete renovation of our center in a less than ideal temporary room.

- Became a wireless direct answering point by being the first place to pick up the phone when you call 911 on your cell phone in the Town of Barnstable. This saves time and confusion by eliminating transfers from an off Cape call center to us.

- Several of our dispatchers received awards and recognition for a job well done.

- Development and implementation of a Training program currently being used to train new hires with our own qualified staff.

- Finally, probably the largest undertaking of all, was the successful collaboration with the Hyannis Fire Department as we began complete dispatch services for them last summer.

You may find it hard to thank them in person as they work around the clock, tucked away within the walls of the Barnstable Police Department. On behalf of all of the sworn officers of the BPD -- I thank you for your hard work, exceptional customer service and professionalism.


There is a lot to see and do in the Hyannis HyArts Cultural District

As always please slow down and use extreme caution when traveling through the road construction areas and follow posted safety and detour signs.

*UPDATED* Road Work on West Bay Road and Crosby Circle in Osterville

Construction activities during June 10-14, 2019 are scheduled to include installing and modifying drainage structures; constructing curb ramps; removing and replacing pavement; and other associated work.  The work area includes the north side of the intersection of West Bay Road & Crosby Circle and the section of Crosby Circle from this intersection north to the bend.  During active construction in and along the roadway there may be lane closures with police details to direct traffic.  Traffic may be delayed during this work.  As always, please slow down and use extreme caution when traveling through road construction areas, and follow posted safety signs.
*UPDATED* Road Work on Sea Street, South Street, and Ocean Avenue in Hyannis

Construction is suspended for the summer and will resume after Labor Day.  The contractor is responsible for roadway maintenance over the summer including mowing, sweeping construction related debris, cleaning catch basins if necessary, and potentially addressing other items as needed.  Verizon is responsible for the continued installation of new utility poles along parts of the project area.
*UPDATED* Road Work on Route 149, Main Street, and River Road in Marstons Mills

Construction is suspended for the summer and will resume after Labor Day.  The contractor is responsible for roadway maintenance over the summer including mowing, sweeping construction related debris, cleaning catch basins if necessary, and potentially addressing other items as needed.  Utility companies are responsible for transferring overhead wires to the new utility poles along parts of the project area.
*CONTINUES* Route 28 (Falmouth Road) at Bearse’s Way

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) will continue their roadway improvements for the “Route 28 Intersection Improvements at Bearse’s Way.”  The project includes traffic signal and pedestrian improvements, constructing retaining walls and medians, and road widening.  Traffic during construction operations will be delayed and motorists are advised to seek alternate routes to avoid the construction work.  Specific traffic detours will be communicated as the work progresses and as updated information becomes available. The work hours will be 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

*CONTINUES* Water Department Work at Several Route 6A (Main Street) Intersections in Barnstable Village

Starting April 29th, Barnstable Fire District’s Water Department, with their contractor, were scheduled to replace water valves in the following intersections:

     Route 6A @ Bragg’s Lane                      Route 6A @ Railroad Avenue

     Route 6A @ Commerce Road               Route 6A @ Millway

     Route 6A @ Mary Dunn Road

Scheduled work hours will be 7:00 AM-3:30 PM.  Schedule updates will be provided to residents via additional media releases.  Through traffic will be maintained on these roads throughout construction.  During active construction in the roadway, there will be lane closures with police details to direct traffic. Motorists are advised to seek alternate routes to avoid the construction work.  As always, please slow down and use extreme caution when traveling through the road construction areas, and follow posted safety and detour signs.

*CONTINUES* Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grant Project (River Road, Marstons Mills, Cotuit Library, Putnam Avenue, Cotuit)

Work continues at new sites for future green stormwater control infrastructure placement.  Field work can include but is not limited to site visits, survey, soil borings, pulling manhole covers and wetland delineation. This work will continue through 2019.

*UPDATED* Ropes Beach, Old Shore Road, Cotuit

Work on the retrofit stormwater system located in front of the sea wall continues and will run to the end of July.

*UPDATED* Cordwood Landing (Cotuit) and Prince Avenue (Marstons Mills)

Clean up and adjustment of stormwater systems will be occurring; with the remaining work including the plantings to be completed this month. PLEASE NOTE:  Drivers who are traveling through the affected areas should expect delays, reduce speed, and use caution. 

*UPDATED* Spring Road Work Program

Roadway milling and paving work on Abbey Gate Road, Buckingham Way, Oxford Drive and Queen Anne Lane in Cotuit is nearing completion. Restoration work will continue through June 14, 2019. Traffic during construction operations may be delayed and motorists are advised to seek alternate routes to avoid the construction work.  The work hours will be 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

*UPDATED* Vineyard Wind Upland Route Survey

Feldman Land Surveyors (Feldman) as surveyors for Vineyard Wind’s power duct bank project in Barnstable, will have a survey crew (using a Feldman truck with yellow flashing lights) on the streets of Barnstable next week for 2-3 days, to establish right of way lines, locate additional utility markings and to obtain drainage structure inverts. The duct bank route includes Craigville Beach Road, Strawberry Hill Road, Route 28 (crossing), Wequaquet Lane, Phinney’s Lane, Route 132 (crossing), Attucks Lane and Independence Drive.

Are You on the Town’s Reverse 911 System?
The Barnstable Police Department has an emergency notification system. Make sure you are on our list. Sign up here today. What is CodeRED and why is it important to me? CodeRED is an emergency notification service by which town officials can notify Barnstable residents and businesses by telephone, cellular phone, text message, or electronic mail about time‐sensitive emergency situations or important community alerts. The system is capable of sending messages only to specific neighborhoods or the entire town.  Only authorized officials are allowed access to use the system.  Frequently asked questions can be reviewed here.  Be sure to take a moment to learn more about this important notification system.

Barnstable Residents – become involved in your town’s government, apply for a position on a board, committee or commission
The Town of Barnstable has over 40 boards, committees, and commissions with approximately 291 seats. Our citizen participation is exemplary and the Town Council appreciates each and every member who serves. If you are a resident of Barnstable and are interested, please consider submitting an application. The appointments committee consists of five Town Councilors who interview applicants and make recommendations to the Town Council.  All Councilors then vote to appoint members at the Town Council meetings.  If you are a resident and registered to vote in the Town of Barnstable and are interested in serving on a board or committee, please visit our web page linked from the Town website and fill out the application. For a more detailed description and responsibilities of the committees listed, please contact the Town Council office council@town.barnstable.ma.us or phone 508-862-4738.


Looking for a Job?  The Town of Barnstable is a Great Place to Work.
To see what positions are currently available, click here.   Apply online by clicking on the job title you are interested in and click the “Apply” link.  If this is the first time you are applying using the online job application, you need to create an account and select a username and password.  After your account has been established, you can build an application by clicking on the “Build Job Application” link.  This application can be saved and used to apply for more than one job opening. 


Are you interested in the Bids and Request for Proposals (RFPs) the Town of Barnstable puts out?
Find all the Invitations for Bid and RFPs for the Town that are currently available to the public here.


Last Week’s Question: Over the years, Barnstable High School has been the springboard for quite a few people who have gone on to national and international fame.  How many can you name?  Right off the bat, Myla Easter Uppercue mentioned Nancy Frangione starred in All My Children.  We also heard about:  American Idol contestant Siobhan Magnus; Grammy Award Winning Jazz Singer Kate McGarry; Author Caroline Kepnes whose book YOU was turned into a series on Lifetime and now on Netflix; Actor Neal McDonough (Angels in the Outfield, Walking Tall, Desperate Housewives); Author Casey Sherman whose book Finest Hours was turned into a movie starring Chris Pine; former Boston Bruins’ right wing Eric Nickulas; 2018 Winter Snowboarding Olympian Mike Trapp; and character actor and voiceover actor Jim Frangione (yes, Nancy’s brother). 


This Week’s Question:  We observe Flag Day each June 14th.  What President officially declared Flag Day? Please email your answer here.

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