Winter Storm Juno

The  Town of Barnstable certainly felt an impact from Winter Storm Juno.  Flurries began Monday night, with winds picking up into the evening,  blowing more than sixty miles per hour. Snow and wind continued through  Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning our residents woke up to more than two  feet of snow, drifted higher in many places. Our Sandy Neck Beach Park  felt an impact too, with the loss of significant amounts of sacrificial  sand on the dune protecting the parking lot. We were fortunate that  power outages were few and far between, and while tides were high, we  did not see too much damage from coastal flooding.  We applaud our  Director of Public Works Dan Santos, Assistant Director of Public Works  Rob Steen and the amazing DPW crew for working day and night to clean  our 500 miles of roadway, while keeping us in the loop with detailed  status updates posted on our Town’s website.




Winter Storm Juno:  Communication

We know our e-news  readers are quite tech savvy, and we found that we were able to reach  thousands of residents through our social media channels during Winter  Storm Juno.  Thankfully, power outages were not very widespread, and  while most of our residents couldn’t see out of their windows due to the  snow, they did have a window to the world via their smart phones or  computers. We are happy to connect with our residents in a number of  ways: this e-newsletter, on our Channel 18 bulletin board, and through  our website and social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. Again, we  are grateful to our Director of Public Works and Assistant Director for  updating us on the progress of plowing, 24 hours a day. 



Barnstable This  Morning

Assistant  Town Manager Mark Ells appeared live on Barnstable This Morning on  Monday. Mark provided an update on the implementation of e-permitting,  which is expected to be fully complete by October.  Ells also discussed  the Town’s preparations for the impending storm.  Town Manager Tom  Lynch  appeared on a special edition of Barnstable This Morning on  Thursday, in the wake of Winter Storm Juno, to update viewers on the  Town’s response to the epic storm. Director of Public Works Dan Santos  and Chief of Police Paul MacDonald also appeared on the program. You can  view those interviews here:






Winter Storm Juno:  Photo Gallery

We have collected a  gallery of images from our residents, depicting scenes from around town  after the storm. View our gallery here:



Jean Boyle: 20 Years  of Service

Longtime disability  commission member Jean Boyle was honored at the Disability Commission’s  meeting on Wednesday, January 21.  Jean is retiring after serving on the  Disability Commission for twenty years.  Jean was instrumental in  helping enhance access to the Town’s beaches, as well as with the  creation of the Accessible Dining Guide. Thank you Jean for your years  of service. You will be missed!



Women’s Hockey East Returns to Hyannis

The exciting Women’s  Hockey East tournament will return to Barnstable in March. The top teams  in the Women’s Hockey East conference will battle it out for the  championship on the ice at our very own Hyannis Youth and Community  Center. The semi-finals will take place on March 7, and the championship  game will be held on Sunday, March 8. Tickets for this exciting weekend  are available now, at a price of $10 per day. Groups of ten or more will  receive a 50% discount if tickets are purchased before February 23.  Contact Joe Izzo at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center for more.


Cold Weather: Stay  Warm & Safe

Winter is here,  undoubtedly since Winter Storm Juno blew through and blanketed the  region with snow.  The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency offers  a list of tips to keep you warm and safe during extreme cold weather. Click here to view MEMA’s tips. Barnstable Animal Control Officer  Charlie Lewis reminds you that it is also very important to keep  your pet warm and safe during extreme cold temperatures.  Click here to view a list of pet safety tips.





Last week’s  trivia question: Last week, we asked: What is one way  here in Barnstable you can learn about issues confronting our veterans?  Not one of our e-news readers got last week’s question right – the  answer: Watch “Barnstable This Morning” the first Wednesday of every  month for our new Veterans segment.


This  week’s trivia question:  Q:  What is the highest snowfall recorded in Barnstable and when was it  measured? Email your answer here


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Barnstable This Morning

Week in Review

January 20-23, 2015


Monday, January 26, 2015


Assistant Town Manager Mark Ells dropped by our studio Monday morning for an update on e-permitting implementation, and to discuss how the Town is coordinating efforts for the impending storm.  Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mary Czajkowski talked to us about the ongoing budget process, as well as her anticipation of school closings due to Winter Storm Juno.  Energy Coordinator Richard Elrick talked about continuing success in regards to changes at the transfer station, and addressed concerns surrounding rising electricity rates.  Spring Semester 2015 began Monday for Cape Cod Community College students, and we welcomed CCCC President Dr. John Cox live in studio to talk about plans for the day.


Thursday, January 29, 2015


Winter Storm Juno closed down Town Hall for Tuesday and Wednesday. We returned with a live program on Thursday morning, and welcomed Director of Public Works Dan Santos, Chief of Police Paul MacDonald, and Town Manager Tom Lynch to the program to discuss storm cleanup efforts, public safety issues and other storm related topics.


Friday, January 30, 2015


Our weekly Arts & Culture segment led off Friday’s program.  Arts correspondent Melissa Chartrand visited Sturgis Charter Public School to visit with the drama department. This is part 2 of a 2 part series.  Next, we headed over to the Hyannis Youth and Community Center to talk with Leisure Services DirectorPatti Machado. Patti talked to us about snow-related outdoor activities, and offered some safety tips for kids and families.  Next, Director of Public Works Dan Santos joined us live in studio for an update on the storm cleanup effort. HYCC General Manager Joe Izzo spoke with us about the HYCC’s closure during the storm, and upcoming Senior hockey games.  Sandy Neck Beach Park Manager Nina Coleman appeared to talk with us about the impacts of Winter Storm Juno on the beach.