Deb and Ralph Krau Recognized for Years of Service at Town Council

At last night’s Town Council Meeting, Precinct 13 Town Councilor Jen Cullum presented Deb and Ralph Krau of Hyannis with a Citation from the Town Council recognizing their volunteer efforts to improve their village and their Town. The list of their accomplishments is so long we couldn’t fit it all here. A small sample of their work includes: (for Deb) the Hyannis Water Board, Hyannis Fire Department Moderator; (for Ralph) the Comprehensive Financial Advisory Committee, the Town’s 375th Celebration Committee; and (for both) the 4th of July Parade and Hyannis Open Streets. Congratulations, Deb & Ralph! Thank you for your efforts! And to paraphrase Ralph, “we look forward to the next decade!”


Beach Water Quality Updates can be found on the Town of Barnstable’s website.

Town Council Meeting – August 15, 2019
Last night’s Town Council Meeting began with Barnstable Town Council President James Crocker leading the Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence.  President Crocker then asked Daniel Santos, P.E., Director, Department of Public Works, to provide the Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP) Update.  Following the Update, President Crocker invited members of the public who wished to join Mr. Santos and Town Manager Mark Ells in the Selectmen’s Conference Room to ask questions related to the CWMP.  Following the CWMP Update, Town Councilor Jen Cullum presented a Citation in recognition of their service to the Town of Barnstable to Deb and Ralph Krau (see above).  Town Councilor Debra Dagwan offered recognition to Jesse Barboza, Andre Barboza, Jason Gourdine, and Officer Brian Morrison and the many others who were involved in this year’s Unity Day (see below).  Recreation Director Patti Machado presented the first place trophy for non-surf beaches won by our Lifeguards at this year’s Cape Cod Lifesaving Competition.  Elizabeth Jenkins, Director of Planning and Development Department, was joined by Assistant Town Manager Andy Clyburn, Planning and Development Department’s Housing Coordinator Arden Cadrin and Director of Risk and Asset Management David Anthony who provided an Update on Implementation of the Housing Production Plan.  President Crocker then took two Agenda items out of order.  Barnstable Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Meg Mayo-Brown presented the rationale for Agenda Item 2020-017 Appropriation Order in the amount of $203,117 for the Fiscal Year 2020 Barnstable Public Schools Operating Budget which was referred to a Public Hearing on September 5, 2019Town Manager Mark Ells presented Agenda Item 2020-016 Resolve approving the appointment of Karen L. Nober as Town Attorney which was unanimously approved by the Town Council (see below).  President Crocker offered his appreciation of her service to the Town of Barnstable to Town Attorney Ruth Weil who received a standing ovation.  Next up was Public Comment followed by Councilor Response to Public Comment. Town Manager Ells provided updates on the following items for the period July 19-August 15, 2019 during Town Manager Communications:

  1. On July 23, 2019 Cape Cod experienced an extreme weather event with tornados touching down in Yarmouth and Harwich.  Local, county, state, federal and private officials rapidly responded to the situation.  After cleaning up isolated impacts in Osterville and other locations in Town our staff provided support as needed to our abutting communities.  DPW tree crews are still assisting Yarmouth and Dennis in the cleanup efforts.  Thanks to all who participated in the initial response and subsequent recovery effort.
  2. We are proceeding with the tasks in the budget action calendar for FY 2021 as scheduled.  The Town Council strategic plan as established last fall serves as the fundamental vision for the fiscal year budget preparation.  We anticipate a joint meeting/workshop with the school committee to review the financial condition of the Town this fall.  For information on our fiscal year budgets please view the town’s Open Budget website at
  3. On July 31, 2019, Governor Baker signed the 2020 State budget into law. The approved FY20 budget significantly increased CH70 aid for education. The Town’s FY20 budget development process used the Governor’s proposed CH70 aid figure which was $600,000 less than the final approved amount. The budget conference committee made up of House and Senate members agreed upon a significantly higher CH70 aid number than what was originally proposed by either legislative branch. Foundation Budget reform efforts have been advocating for additional CH70 aid with a primary focus on the increased costs incurred for educating certain student populations and the cost of health insurance. This higher level of CH70 aid will become part of the Town’s base CH70 aid going into the FY21 budget development.  The additional $600,000 can either be appropriated prior to setting the FY20 tax rate or other general fund revenue estimates can be reduced to keep a balanced budget or a combination of both.
  4. We received our signed access agreement from Fish & Wildlife for the installation of test wells on the 250 acre parcel owned by the Commonwealth that directly abuts the Hyannis public water supply.  The Town plans to conduct tests in the coming months on this and other parcels to determine if new public water supply wells are feasible on the various sites.  The Town shall continue to work with Mass Fish & Wildlife, Barnstable County, and Water districts as we evaluate sites future potential public water supply well sites.  We will keep you advised of our progress on this important effort.
  5. On Wednesday August 7, 2019, the Town of Barnstable Department of Public Works Water Supply Division held a ground breaking ceremony for the Maher Filtration Plant Project.  The new water filtration building at the Maher Water Treatment Plant will ensure the Town’s ability to meet new stricter federal and state regulations for the emerging contaminants PFAS and 1,4-Dioxane, and the project will remove manganese and iron.  This project is essential to our continued efforts to supply our town with drinking water that meets all state and federal standards.


  1. On August 7, 2019 Airport staff briefed senior staff on the Phase II PFOS investigation which basically identifies the extent of contamination at the Airport.  The next step is to develop recommended alternatives to address any concerns. We have briefed the County on the findings of the study and will continue to work in coordination with county and state official to address this matter.  We will keep you advised of the progress on this matter.
  2. On August 14, 2019 the Director of Public Works convened the second meeting of Barnstable’s water purveyors to continue our ongoing efforts to communicate and coordinate relative to the many challenges facing public water supplies.  The focus of the meeting was to share plans for future public water supply and develop a comprehensive illustration of those plans.  We will keep you advised as we progress with this effort.
  3. On July 18, 2019 the towns of Barnstable, Mashpee, Falmouth, Bourne and Sandwich met with Wright-Pierce to discuss the regional efforts to evaluate JBCC for potential future use for wastewater treatment and disposal.  We discussed the completion of the updated “Shared Wastewater Management Study” scheduled for August 2019 and subsequent presentation of the study.  This was funded by two Community Compact Cabinet’s Efficiency and Regionalization Grants for a Shared Watershed Management Study.  The Town of Barnstable subsequently joined these efforts and provided additional funding to allow for Barnstable to be included in this evaluation and perform additional economic evaluation relevant to the Town of Barnstable’s Letter of Intent submitted by the Town of Barnstable in response to the Statement of Need issued for Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC) regarding the Town’s interest in water and wastewater facilities at JBCC and the subsequent July 12, 2019 response letter.  We have taken this response letter under advisement with a required date of response by September 30, 2019.  We will keep you advised of our progress on this matter.

9.       The Town Council appointed the Town Manager as its representative on the Cape Cod & Islands Water Protection Fund Board.  The second Bylaws subcommittee meeting is scheduled for September 4, 2019.  The website for the Board has been created by the Cape Cod Commission staff and the link to the current webpage.  We will keep you advised on the progress of this Board.

10.   Mr. Ells met with Vineyard Wind on August 13, 2019 and the following update to the Phase I project was provided:

a.       Vineyard Wind was scheduled to receive its final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) this summer, with final sign-off shortly afterward.

b.       On Friday, August 9th, the US Department of Interior and BOEM announced that they would require a supplemental analysis covering cumulative impacts of offshore wind development beyond the Vineyard Wind project, citing the anticipated growth of the industry across the East Coast.

c.       The details of this supplemental analysis request have not yet been made public by the federal government, but due to comment periods and agency review, it is highly likely that the project’s approval will be delayed into at least early next year.

d.       While this will result in a delay in the project, and likely require establishing a new timeline, our agreement, plans for onshore work and other aspects of the project relevant to the Town of Barnstable, remain in full force. 

e.       The company will continue to work together with host communities, stakeholder groups, contractors, workforce and economic interests, regulators, and a range of local partners to build this project, and to continue to seek to maximize the many public benefits associated with the project.

f.        Vineyard Wind will also continue outreach efforts locally – they have organized or participated in over 40 public events and will continue hosting office hours and public forums at locations around town, and will continue to participate in events with local community groups.

g.       The Vineyard Wind staff are available for any direct questions about project details, whether those questions come from residents, councilors or other interested parties at 508-717-8964, and,

h.       Upcoming events in Barnstable are as follows:

·        Info Session at Covell’s Beach

Aug 23, 2019  10:00 AM-2:00 PM

·        Info Session at Centerville Library

Aug 29, 2019  4:00 PM-6:00 PM

We also discussed Vineyard Wind’s proposed Phase 2 and a potential for a Phase 3.  We will keep you advised on these continued discussions.

  1. On Tuesday August 6, 2019, Mr. Ells participated as a member of the Community Health Committee of Cape Cod Healthcare.  Cape Cod Healthcare has an important fiduciary obligation to provide benefits to the communities it serves commensurate with its tax exempt status to ensure Cape Cod Healthcare remains steadfast to the mission “committed to enhancing the quality of and access to comprehensive healthcare services for all Cape Cod residents.” The Community Health Committee is comprised of members representing healthcare services on Cape Cod, community-based organizations, community advocacy groups and county government, as well as members of the Board of Trustees. The Committee reviews proposals to the annual RFPs for Community Benefits grants, scores, and votes on award of said grants.  The next meeting is scheduled for November 14, 2019.
  2. The Town of Barnstable has been selected by MassDevelopment to participate in the third round of the Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) Program for Gateway Cities.  The Transformative Development Initiative works with cross-sector partnerships to implement local housing and economic development initiatives, and spur public and private investment in targeted areas.  Barnstable was one of three municipalities selected into a regional pilot program that will provide capacity-building in the form of a part-time Fellow and access to technical assistance.  George Durante, Senior TDI Fellow, will be working with the Town two days a week over the course of the next two years in collaboration with local partners, including the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, Cape Cod Healthcare, the Hyannis Main Street Business Improvement District, Housing Assistance Corporation, and Hyannis Chamber.  Mr. Durante will assist the Town and partners with implementing visions for housing, workforce development, redevelopment opportunities, place-making, and marketing in Downtown Hyannis, with a targeted focus on Hyannis’ East End.  Barnstable was selected as a TDI community based on the community visioning and planning that has already been done, the strength of the identified local collaborative partnership, and potential for community engagement.

Town Manager Ells invited DPW Director Dan Santos to provide an update on MassDOT projects along Route 28 in Barnstable.  The Town Council then proceeded with the Orders of the Day which began with OLD BUSINESS.  DPW Director Dan Santos provided the rationale for Agenda Items 2020-002 Appropriation and Loan Order in the amount of $975,000 for the construction of roadway and sewer work and 2020-003 Appropriation and Loan Order in the amount of $1,300,000 for the purpose of funding the construction of sewer infrastructure on Rt. 28 near the Yarmouth Rd. intersection which were both approved. Barnstable Police Chief Matthew Sonnabend presented the rationale for Agenda Item 2020-006 Authorizing the Town Treasurer, upon the approval of the Town Manager to enter into a Lease-To-Purchase Agreement to acquire Five (5) marked Police vehicles which was approved. After much discussion, Agenda Item 2020-008 Order to create a stabilization fund for Comprehensive Water Management, Wastewater Management and for Community Housing did not pass. The Town Council then returned to Agenda Item 2019-209 Creation of a Stabilization Fund for the Comprehensive Management of Water and Wastewater.  Finance Director Mark Milne presented the rationale for the item which passed.  Agenda Item 2020-009 Appointments to a Board/ Committee/Commission: Historical Commission; Hyannis Main Street Waterfront Historic District Commission; and Infrastructure and Energy Committee passed.  DPW Director Dan Santos provided the rationale for Agenda Item 2020-010 Acceptance of Sewer Easements for Business Lane and Thornton Drive which passed.  Community Preservation Committee Chair Lindsey Counsell presented the rationale for Agenda Item 2020-011 Appropriation Order in the amount of $162,180.00 of Community Preservation Funds for creation of open space at Barnstable Hollow Field located at 0 Millway, Barnstable - Map 299, Parcel   039 which was approved.  NEW BUSINESS began with Agenda Item 2020-012 Appropriation and Transfer Order in the amount of $30,000 for the Outboard Engine Replacement on the Harbormaster’s South Side Patrol Boat which was referred to a public hearing on September 5, 2019. Agenda Item 2020-013 Appropriation Order in the amount of $136,055 Community Preservation Funds for historic preservation
and restoration of Annual Town Report Volumes Years 1868 to 1994 was also referred to a Public Hearing on September 5, 2019. Community Services Director Lynne Poyant presented Agenda Item
2020-014 Acceptance of a gift in the amount of $4,902.50 from the Luke Vincent Powers Foundation to the Recreation
Division for the purpose of purchasing a Big Belly solar trash container for Luke’s Love Playground which was approved. Agenda Item
2020-015 Appropriation Order of $242,822.00 for the rehabilitation and restoration work to the Paine Black House, 2135 Meetinghouse Way, West Barnstable, MA was referred to a Public Hearing on September 5, 2019.   The next Town Council meeting will be held on Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall Hearing Room, 367 Main Street, Hyannis.

Karen L. Nober Appointed New Town Attorney

The Town would like to welcome Karen L. Nober as our new Town Attorney.  Attorney Nober has over 20 years of governmental legal experience.  Karen currently serves as General Counsel at the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.  Attorney Nober has previously served as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission and Deputy Chief Legal Counsel for the Massachusetts Port Authority.  Karen has degrees from Brandeis University and Boston College Law School.  She was recognized as one of the Top Women in Law by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly in 2015.  Welcome to the Town of Barnstable, Karen!


New Town Attorney Karen Nober is congratulated by Town Manager Mark Ells

and Town Attorney Ruth Weil following her appointment by Town Council.


Unity Day Recognition

Also at last night’s Town Council Meeting, Precinct 8 Town Councilor Debra Dagwan recognized the efforts of brothers Jesse Barboza and Andre Barboza along with Jason Gourdine and Barnstable Police Officer Brian Morrison and many others for the success of this year’s 4th Annual Unity Day which was held on Friday, August 2nd. The Barboza brothers thanked former BPD Chief Paul MacDonald and current BPD Chief Matthew Sonnabend for their continued support of Unity Day.

Pictured left to right:  Town Councilors Debra Dagwan and Matthew Levesque look on as Officer Brian Morrison, Jesse Barboza, Andre Barboza and Jason Gourdine receive the Town Council’s appreciation
 for a job well done at this year’s Unity Day.


FORWARD at the Rock Groundbreaking

On Tuesday, August 13, 2019, FORWARD at the Rock held its official groundbreaking.  FORWARD at the Rock is a completely new regional housing community providing affordable and supportive homes for 8 adults (age 22 and up) with Autism.  Once built, the project will consist of two side-by-side houses with each house containing 4 bedrooms and a common kitchen, living room and dining area, mud room, staff office and other amenities.  Being built on 4.6 acres of town-owned land in Dennis, all units will be affordable, and all resident incomes will be less than 30% of the Area Median Income.  FORWARD, the developer of the project, has been assisted by the Housing Assistance Corporation, and has partnered with Cape Abilities to manage the community and provide around-the-clock staffing in each home.  The Commonwealth’s Department of Developmental Services (DDS) will select and place residents with “severe” autism who have qualified for DDS Priority One supports and services.  The Town of Barnstable’s Community Preservation Committee provided $250,000 from the amount set aside in the Community Preservation Fund for Community Housing projects.  The project has also received $1,000,000 in funding from the Commonwealth through the National Housing Trust Fund and Facilities Consolidation Fund, with additional funding from the Community Preservation Committees of Dennis, Yarmouth and Chatham.

Pictured above from left to right:  Barnstable Community Preservation Committee Members Terry Duenas
and Deborah Converse, FORWARD’s Kathy Ohman, and Town Councilor Paula Schnepp.


Last Week! Free Summer Food Service Program at HYCC
The Barnstable Recreation Division and the Hyannis Youth & Community Center are again partnering with St. Mary’s Church, Barnstable to offer free lunch and snacks for all children age 18 and under. 
Food is served inside the Hyannis Youth & Community Center, 141 Bassett Lane, Hyannis.
Every Monday-Friday through August 23, 2019
Lunch: 12:00 PM-12:45 PM         Snack: 3:00-3:30 PM
Contact Mark Boardley at 508-790-6345 ext.116 or

Update on Water Quality Resource Management Efforts in Barnstable
Barnstable’s Channel 18 has prepared a YouTube playlist of segments they have created on Water Quality Resource Efforts in the Town of Barnstable.  The informative pieces include Town Manager Mark Ells talking about Water Quality Planning, Herring Run 2019, Cotuit Bay Dredging, Barnstable at Work – Hyannis Water Supply Division, Water Quality Testing in the Three Bays and more.  At the January 3, 2019 Town Council meeting, DPW Director Dan Santos presented an Update on Wastewater Management Efforts in Barnstable.  We thought we would share this important information again in this week’s eNews.  Mr. Santos’ presentation can be viewed here. Additional updates have been provided at the February 28, 2019 Town Council Meeting, March 21, 2019 Town Council Meeting, June 20, 2019 Town Council Meeting as well as the August 15, 2019 Town Council Meeting.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Town of Barnstable Department of Public Works Solid Waste Division in collaboration with Barnstable County is holding a Household Hazardous Waste Collection at the Transfer Station located at 45 Flint Street Marstons Mills.  Hazardous Waste Collections are FREE to Barnstable Residents.  Participants must have either a paid household trash sticker or free recycling sticker to participate.  Stickers are available during normal business hours at the transfer station, including on the collection day.  The hours of the hazardous waste collection are 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. For questions about this project, call the Transfer Station at 508-420-2258, or refer to the Town’s Website or to the County’s website for Household Hazardous Waste at


Tale of Two Villages-The North and the South View of our Town:
View historic photographs, on display now through October 15, 2019
The "Art on Loan" program displays the works of local artists and cultural organizations on the meeting room walls in Barnstable Town Hall.  The current exhibit, “A Tale of Two Villages” is on display in the Barnstable Town Hall 2nd floor meeting rooms now through October 15, 2019.   From the ever changing Main Street of Hyannis to the evolving uses of Barnstable Harbor, the history of these villages is explored with photographs of work and life.  This exhibit is a joint project of the Barnstable Historical Society and the Hyannis Historical Society:

Nancy Shoemaker, Town Historian, shares information about both historical societies:

About the Hyannis Historical Society: 

This organization celebrates the rich history of the Town of Barnstable’s central village.  Its members are committed to the “protection, preservation and promotion of our community’s unique and diverse historic fabric.” 

 The Hyannis Historical Society had been defunct for decades with only traces of their artifacts left at the Hyannis Library. The Society was given a second life in May 2016. The Society is looking into a partnership with and home at the Hyannis Public Library.  “The purpose of the Society shall be to create and foster interest in the history of the Village of Hyannis; to promote historical research; to collect and provide care and custody of historical documents and artifacts; to provide educational opportunities; and to provide analysis or commentary to Town or other organizations about historic structures within the village.”

About the Barnstable Historical Society:

Barnstable Historical Society was founded in 1939 with a mission to preserve the cultural heritage and maritime history of the seven villages of the Town of Barnstable.  Barnstable Historical Society’s home, the Phinney/Jones House was built c.1834 by Sylvanus Bourne Phinney.  Phinney was the founder and publisher of The Barnstable Patriot, a local newspaper founded in 1830 and still published today. The collection includes memorabilia from Barnstable’s seafaring days, ships’ models, a quilt collection, kitchen tools, paintings, documents from the 17th to 20th centuries, a children’s room, treasures from Barnstable residents of years past, and Donald G. Trayser’s collection of photographs and documents. Trayser was a former editor of The Barnstable Patriot, as well as the author/editor of “The Seven Villages of Barnstable.”
The Barnstable Historical Society’s Phinney/Jones House, is open to visitors mid-June to mid-October, Wednesday-Saturday, 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Find them on Facebook: Barnstable Historical Society

The Artwork on Loan program at Town Hall is free and open to the public.  The current exhibit is on display now through October 15, 2019 in the Barnstable Town Hall Hearing Room and Selectmen’s Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Barnstable Town Hall, 367 Main Street, Hyannis.  Free parking is available in the Town Hall Parking Lot. Town Hall is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM (except State and Federal holidays) and frequently opens during evening hours for scheduled meetings.  For more information on this program email 508-862-4767  
Program information available at:


There is Always Something Going on at the Barnstable Adult Community Center
Upcoming programs include:

Eagle Pond Bird-watching Walk Tuesday, August 20, 9:00 AM Fee: $5

Senior Learning Network:  The American Immigrant Experience Tuesday, August 13, 1:30 PM

Talk: Duke Ellington Wednesday, August 21, 1:30 PM

Senior Learning Network:  Buffalo Soldiers Thursday, August 22, 1:30 PM

Ins and Outs of Wireless TV Thursday, August 22, 2:00 PM

Cape Cod Nights: Historic Bars, Clubs and Drinks Thursday, August 22, 2:00 PM

Clutterers Information Session for Friends and Families Friday, August 23, 10:00 AM
Location: 825 Falmouth Road, Hyannis

Parking: free parking



ArtsBarnstable has a lot to offer!


Pumpout Boat in Service for the Boating Season

Through Columbus Day Weekend

The boating season is well underway, and pumpout boats are running seven days a week.  The boats can be easily identified.  Both boats are white center console vessels with the lettering “HARBORMASTER” on both sides.  The Pumpout boats monitor VHF Channels 16 and 09 during operating hours.  It is helpful to schedule pumpouts in advance.  The shore side pumpout will be available in Hyannis Harbor through October as well as Barnstable Harbor.  To schedule pumpouts email: or call 508-790-6273. For more information, watch Pumpout Boat on Channel 18.


3rd Annual Discover Barnstable Program, Now Expanded!


As always please slow down and use extreme caution when traveling through the road construction areas and follow posted safety and detour signs.

*New* Road Work Notice from MassDOT for Asphalt Pavement Repairs and Improvements

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) will be repairing deteriorated asphalt (pothole repairs) associated with Route-28 northbound and southbound lanes from the Mashpee / Barnstable Town Line to Bearse’s Way (Barnstable).  The work began on August 12thHours of Operation (Day/Night):  9:00 PM-5:30 AM.  Lane restrictions controlled by Police Details.  Work is supposed to be done over six nights and is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights only. All scheduled work is weather dependent and/or may be impacted due to an emergency situation.

*NEW* Road Work Notice from MassDOT for Intersection Work at Falmouth Road (Route 28) at Osterville-West Barnstable Road

Beginning September 5th, MassDOT will commence work on the intersection at Falmouth Road (Route 28) at Osterville West Barnstable Road.  The road has been redesigned to include exclusive left turn lanes and improve bicycle and pedestrian accommodation as part of the proposed safety improvement work. The work to be done consists of furnishing and installing of new traffic signal equipment at the intersection including emergency vehicle pre-emption system, bicycle and vehicles loop detectors, construction of ADA compliant wheelchair ramps, sidewalks, and driveways, box widening, pavement milling and resurfacing, new pavement markings and signs, drainage improvements, water distribution modifications, existing utility pole relocations, installation of granite curbing and loam and seeding.  Hours of Operation (Day/Night):   Monday through Friday 7:00 AM-3:30 PM.  The initial work shall be done in four phases to allow access to local businesses for both vehicles and pedestrians. Traffic control will include all required signage, channeling devises for lane shifts and alternating one way traffic as required. Police details/ flaggers will be used as needed. 

*CONTINUES* Old Kings Road /Sampson’s Mill Road
The Towns of Mashpee and Barnstable will be replacing a culvert at the Santuit River on Sampson’s Mill Road (Mashpee)/Old Kings Road (Barnstable).  Work is scheduled to begin Monday, August 12, 2019 and will continue through November 2019.  Sampson’s Mill Road/Old Kings Road will be closed to traffic in both directions for the duration of the project.  The road closure will be between Willowbend Drive in Mashpee and at Abbey Gate Road in Barnstable.  Eastbound traffic will be detoured in Mashpee onto Cape Drive to Route 28.   Westbound traffic in Barnstable will be alerted via message boards to utilize Route 28 via Main Street.

*CONTINUES* Sea Street, South Street, and Ocean Avenue, Hyannis

Construction is suspended for the summer and will resume after Labor Day.  The contractor is responsible for roadway maintenance over the summer including mowing, sweeping construction related debris, cleaning catch basins if necessary, and potentially addressing other items as needed.  Verizon is responsible for the continued installation of new utility poles along parts of the project area.

*CONTINUES* Route 149, Main Street, and River Road in Marstons Mills

Construction is suspended for the summer and will resume after Labor Day.  The contractor is responsible for roadway maintenance over the summer including mowing, sweeping, construction related debris clean-up, cleaning catch basins if necessary and potentially addressing other items as needed.  Utility companies will be transferring overhead wires to new utility poles along parts of the project area.  PLEASE NOTE:  Drivers who are traveling through the affected areas should reduce speed, and use caution. 

*CONTINUES* River Road, Marstons Mills, Cotuit Library, Putnam Avenue, Cotuit (Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grant Project)
Work continues at sites for future green storm water control infrastructure placement.  Field work can include but is not limited to site visits, survey, soil borings, pulling manhole covers and wetland delineation. This work will continue through 2019. PLEASE NOTE:  Drivers who are traveling through the affected areas should expect delays, reduce speed, and use caution. 

*CONTINUES* Ropes Beach, Old Shore Road, Cotuit

The project is closing up for the summer with the contractor demobilized, cleaned up and clearing the site. The project will remobilize after Labor Day 2019. SumCo has planted and will maintain both Cordwood and Prince Avenue areas.


There’s lots going on at the Village Libraries of Barnstable

Barnstable Libraries’ Corner

Visit a Town of Barnstable Library today!

Sturgis Library in Barnstable Village


Centerville Public Library


Cotuit Library


Hyannis Public Library

Marstons Mills Public Library

Osterville Village Library

Whelden Memorial Library in West Barnstable


Vineyard Wind Office Hours at Covell’s Beach and Centerville Public Library
Vineyard Wind will be available at Covell’s Beach to answer questions from beachgoers on Friday, August 23rd (assuming no inclement weather).

Join us at the Centerville Public Library to learn more about our proposal to construct an offshore wind farm 35 miles south of Cape Cod and bring the power to shore in Barnstable, providing clean renewable energy to the Cape.
THURSDAY, AUGUST 29 4:00-6:00 PM
RSVP here
All summer office hours will be held at:
Centerville Public Library, 585 Main Street, Centerville, MA 02632  
This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the Centerville Public Library.
For more information, please contact Jen Cullen at


Be Prepared - “Hurricane Preparedness”

For more information, visit the Hurricane Safety Tips section of MEMA’s website at


Barnstable Residents – become involved in your town’s government, apply for a position on a board, committee or commission
The Town of Barnstable has over 40 boards, committees, and commissions with approximately 291 seats. Our citizen participation is exemplary and the Town Council appreciates each and every member who serves. If you are a resident of Barnstable and are interested, please consider submitting an application. The appointments committee consists of five Town Councilors who interview applicants and make recommendations to the Town Council.  All Councilors then vote to appoint members at the Town Council meetings.  If you are a resident and registered to vote in the Town of Barnstable and are interested in serving on a board or committee, please visit our web page linked from the Town website and fill out the application. For a more detailed description and responsibilities of the committees listed, please contact the Town Council office: or phone 508-862-4738.


Looking for a Job?  The Town of Barnstable is a Great Place to Work.
To see what positions are currently available, click here.   Apply online by clicking on the job title you are interested in and click the “Apply” link.  If this is the first time you are applying using the online job application, you need to create an account and select a username and password.  After your account has been established, you can build an application by clicking on the “Build Job Application” link.  This application can be saved and used to apply for more than one job opening. 


Are you interested in the Bids and Request for Proposals (RFPs) the Town of Barnstable puts out?
Find all the Invitations for Bid and RFPs for the Town that are currently available to the public here.


Last Week’s Question:  Pops by the Sea is celebrating its 34th concert this Sunday.  Who was the first celebrity guest conductor? We didn’t get a correct answer this week. The first celebrity guest conductor for Pops by the Sea was Art Buchwald.  We were lucky to have Art convince his friends Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace and Beverly Sills to take up the baton in subsequent years.


This Week’s Question:  With the West Barnstable Village Festival tomorrow, we thought we would ask - can you name at least two of West Barnstable’s famous former residents?  Please email your answer here.

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