Capital Improvement Plan

The Town Council has approved all but two of the proposed Fiscal 2017 capital projects. The two remaining projects are dependent on Community Preservation funding. Both will be before the Community Preservation Committee on April 25th before heading back to Town Council for final approval.  During Thursday’s Town Council meeting, Director of Public Works Dan Santos presented seventeen items which ranged from dredging at Barnstable Harbor to funding for public roads and sidewalks. Many questions were asked and answered during the presentation of each item.  We anticipate that the Capital Improvement Plan approval will be completed during the May 5, 2016 Town Council meeting.


Town Manager Search Committee Finalists Announced

The finalist candidates for the position of Town Manager were announced during the Thursday, April 21, 2016 Town Council meeting. Town Manager Search Committee chair Councilor John Flores identified Nicole Ard, former city manager in Sandusky, Ohio; Troy Clarkson, Town of Hanover Town Manager; Timothy King, Westport Town Manager; and current Barnstable Assistant Town Manager Mark Ells. The finalists will be interviewed in a public session scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday, May 7, 2016. Interviews will be held in the Town Hall Hearing Room. Council is expected to make a vote following the interview sessions.


Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority Budget Approved

On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Assistant Town Manager Mark Ells attended the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA) Advisory Board meeting.  The CCRTA Advisory Board approved the proposed FY 2017 Budget.  CCRTA Administrator Tom Cahir reported on the progress of the Transit Oriented Development project, noting parking needs in and around the downtown Hyannis area. The CCRTA has a short-term focus on parking agreements with the ferry services, and long-term to secure funding for design and construction of a parking garage. Work is also underway to develop a ride share pilot program with Zip Car, and the MBTA/MassDOT’s planned passenger rail evacuation drill, scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2016 at the County complex in Barnstable Village. 


Homeless Update

Assistant Town Manager Mark Ells attended a meeting of the Town Council Subcommittee to Assess Homelessness in Hyannis. The meeting was held at Barnstable Police Headquarters in Hyannis. The committee discussed topics including improving coordination and scheduling by agencies that provide outreach workers, and the need for outreach coordination services.


Coleman Paintings

Renovations are underway at the former Mayflower restaurant building at 334 Main Street in Hyannis. Crews are transforming the space, most recently occupied by Tommy Doyle’s, into the new K-Katie’s Burger Bar. During demolition of the old space, crews revealed a series of murals, believed to have been painted by prolific local artist Vernon Coleman. Coleman’s painting of a ship hangs in the front lobby of Barnstable Town Hall. On Thursday morning, Gloria Coleman, widow of the artist’s son, visited the space to view the paintings. Coleman said she was pleased to have had the opportunity to view the paintings, and that her late husband would have very much enjoyed them as well and likely would have had a story or two to go along with them! It is always interesting to see bits of local history emerge.




Drones Banned on Barnstable’s Public Beaches

A public hearing on changes to the rules and regulations for Barnstable’s bathing beaches was held on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at Town Hall. The change is an addition under section 401A-6(C) Prohibited Activities: “Using, launching, landing or operating an unmanned aircraft from, or on, land or waters associated with any of the Town of Barnstable bathing beaches is prohibited except as approved in writing by the Town Manager.” The term “unmanned aircraft” includes devices like model airplanes, quadrocopters, and drones that are used for any purposes including recreation or commerce. After reviewing the public comment and explanation from staff on the safety issues involved, I took the matter under advisement. Based on further information received from the FAA and our legal staff regarding the regulation of “airspace”, I have amended the regulations to take out the word “above” and restrict the regulation to the launching and landing of drones on a public beach. This regulation will be reviewed at the end of the summer season to see if it has been effective or needs further amending.


Cemetery and Columbarium Regulations

Mosswood Cemetery, with funding from the Kirkman Family Trust, now houses a columbarium. A columbarium is a structure which has niches to hold cremated remains. Our cemetery regulations needed to be amended to include the use of this burial option. The fees associated with purchasing a niche and other associated costs were prepared through a cost study. I have approved the regulations governing the operation of the Kirkman Columbarium and Gardens and the associated fees.


Meeting with Library Committee Chair

Gloria Rudman, Chair of the Library Committee, and Lucy Loomis, Sturgis Library Director, met with Community Services Director Lynne Poyant and me on Tuesday. We discussed a variety of issues the libraries have been working on over the past fiscal year. Barnstable’s non-profit libraries rely on fund raising events and appeals, town funding and Kirkman Trust funds. The FY 17 Operating Budget contains a 3.5% increase for our libraries to help them meet increasing operating costs. The Kirkman Trust, which distributes funds based on the investment performance of the Trust, will be dividing $75,000 among the libraries under an established formula. This is a reduction of 50% from last year’s distribution. The Trust Fund Advisory Committee, in recommending Kirkman funding, asked the libraries to consider ebooks, technology needs and safety/preservation issues.


Sandy Neck Long Term Coastal Resiliency Alternatives

Sandy Neck Beach Park is the largest barrier beach system in Massachusetts, outside of the National Seashore. It is imperative to ensure the protection of our delicate ecosystem and to preserve a natural resource for all to enjoy.  The results of a study into long-term coastal resiliency options for the barrier beach were presented to the Sandy Neck Board and the public on Monday night. The study was funded with a State Coastal Zone Management Grant and conducted by CLE Engineering.  Three types of options were presented: conventional (hard) shoreline protection in the form of a cantilever bulkhead or stone revetment; engineered (soft) shoreline protection of sand-filled coir bags and beach nourishment; and managed site reconfiguration. The public will have many opportunities to learn more and to comment before a final alternative is selected.

Read More: Click here to view CLE’s PowerPoint presentation.

Watch: Click here to view a video of the presentation.




Last week, we asked: Why is the Boston Marathon run on Patriot’s Day? Our e-News readers must have been too busy running the marathon to answer our question! A marathon has greek origins, and the Boston Marathon has been run every Patriots’ Day since April 19, 1897 to mark the holiday by linking the race with Athenian and American struggles for liberty.


This week’s question: When was the first Earth Day?


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Barnstable This Morning

Week in Review

April 19-22, 2016


Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Chief of Police Paul MacDonald led off Tuesday’s program with a discussion about the recent meetings held with the Town’s restaurant, bar, and liquor store owners. Len Gobeil’s Sports segment featured an interview with Barnstable High School Baseball Coach Ryan Kinski Cape and Islands State Senator Dan Wolf talked with us about potential changes for charter schools. Wolf also commented on recent developments surrounding the eventual closure of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant.  Director of Public Works Dan Santos had an update on Capital Improvement Plan projects that will be presented to Town Council this week.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016


We began our Wednesday program with Business Barnstable. Cape and Islands Workforce Investment Board Executive Director David Augustinho joined us live in studio to review the March employment numbers and discuss recent forums for workers age 55 and older.  Cape Cod Commission Technical Services Director Glenn Cannon stopped by to share information about a number of regional transportation initiatives, including the Canal Area Traffic study.  Barnstable Assistant Director of Senior Services Donna Burns talked with us about this week’s job forum for workers over the age of 50, and efforts to connect with the local LGBT community.  Director of Finance Mark Milne discussed the House version of the State budget, and what those numbers mean for Barnstable.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Thursday’s program began with our Community Profile segment. Stacie Peugh of the Cape Cod YMCA and Rene King, program director, discussed the Y Achievers Program.  Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority Administrator Tom Cahir talked with us about state funding for the RTA and the RTA’s budget that was passed this week.  State Representative Randy Hunt discussed the House version of the State budget. Town Council President Jessica Rapp Grassetti reviewed the orders of the day for the evening’s Town Council meeting.


Friday, April 22, 2016


Our Arts and Culture segment was up first on Friday. We welcomed artist Colleen Franzreb to the studio. Director of Leisure Services Patti Machado reviewed some new rules and regulations for Barnstable’s bathing beaches. HYCC General Manager Joe Izzo discussed an upcoming mixed martial arts event. Natural Resource Officer Amy Croteau honored Earth Day with a discussion that ranged from the arrival of herring and osprey, to cautions about reptilian road crossings, and information about turkey breeding season. Our MSPCA Adoptable Pet Friday featured an adorable rabbit that needs special care, a pair of parakeets, and a lovable terrier named Lily.